Bug Boyz Termite baiting system

Bug Boyz Termite bait and monitoring system


Bug Boyz Termite baiting system

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Bug Boyz Termite Baiting System has been designed as a professional termite control product, providing a safe, non- invasive answer to your concerns about termite attack and damage in your family home or business. Every day countless Australian homes are targeted by termites, causing thousands of dollars damage to timber structures and fittings. All too often there is no evidence of their presence until it’s too late! We have developed this state of the art system to give you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your valuable asset- Your Home.

Bug Boyz Baiting system


Low profile lid reduces tripping hazard and likelihood of damage caused by lawnmowers. Sits at soil level, minimizing station visibility. A special tool is required to open the stations, eliminating tampering by children or pets.

The station features a significant volume of internal space for bait matrix placement, ensuring there is an ample quantity present to eliminate a termite colony rapidly. The tightly sealing lid and lack of openings at the upper sides of the station reduce the likelihood of regular ants occupying it.

A pair of specially designed termite attractive timber inserts produced from freshly milled Eucalyptus delegatensis / E. Regans occupies the base of the station. Here, the station has large openings to ensure maximum

opportunity for foraging termites to enter the station. The channels and grooves machined into the inserts mimic real termite galleries, further enhancing their entry into the station.

——The in ground stations feature a very low profile, tamper evident cap, ensuring discreet placements and reduce likelihood of damage.

The timber inserts offer a major advance in baiting technology by way of mimicking real termite grooves and channelling and by ensuring ultra- low disturbance to feeding termites during station inspections and while introducing the bait matrix to the station.

Termite monitoring and baiting are approved methods of termite colony elimination as per Australian Standard AS3660.2-2000

The system inside your investment

The bait matrix is particularly attractive to termites- they will feed on it in preference to timber. This means if active termites are located within your home or business, baiting can commence immediately, using specially designed feeding stations which are strategically placed over the termite workings. The workers will rapidly accept the bait, taking it back to the nest and sharing it with the queen, soldiers and other workers. The termites cannot sense that the bait is affecting their ability to grow and develop. The active ingredient, Chlorfluazuron, is not only a proven insect growth regulator, it also stops the colony being able to reproduce effectively or successfully. The colony consequently loses whole generations of replacement members, it progressively declines and inevitably collapses. The effects of the bait are visible and can be tracked. This means that the colony elimination can be reliably determined.

The system around you investment

The Bug Boyz termite baiting and monitoring system in ground stations are at the forefront of the system- Offering your investment ongoing protection from termite attack.

These stations are placed strategically around the exterior of the building, either in soil, or in concrete where they become your first line of defence against possible termite attack. In fact, they can be placed at any area of risk on your property! Regular monitoring of these stations, at 8- 12 week intervals, by a pest manager, allows for early detection of foraging termites. When activity is detected in these stations, bait matrix is introduced into the upper void of the station, where it is readily taken by the termites. It acts upon the colony in the same manner as for inside your home. Active stations are regularly inspected, at approximately 4 week intervals, and the bait is replenished or refreshed as required in order to facilitate continuing bait uptake by the termites. When the colony has been eliminated, the residual bait is removed; new timber inserts installed and regular inspections maintained thereafter.

Termites found

If you discover termites or their mud trails or timber damage, don’t panic!

(Don’t disturb them if possible, don’t spray them with fly spray – It has no effect on the overall colony).

Call the Bug Boyz at the first opportunity to arrange for a thorough property Termite inspection and advice on treatment options.

Termite management requires training in locating and detecting activity and termite workings. Our pest technicians have extensive knowledge of termite biology and behaviour.

Bug Boyz technicians are experienced in one of the most important aspects of termite management- property inspections. They are able to correctly interpret inspection results and give the best recommendation for appropriate treatment methods.

Our technicians understand building construction techniques and how they relate to the planning and implement of a successful termite management system.

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