Up to 50mm long 48 eggs in 1 capsule Life span – 1.5yrs


12 – 15mm long life span – 9mnths


Up to 30mm long 16 eggs in 1 capsule Life span – 1.5yrs


It has been said that cockroaches have survived through millions of years, and even a nuclear blast will not kill all of them Bug Boyz applies a Biodegradable treatment to help manage and eradicate cockroaches for your family home or business. A treatment will include a spray and in most cases bait as an additional method depending on the type of cockroach and the size of the infestation.

There are numerous types of cockroaches that live here in South Australia. Depending on the type of cockroach they can be difficult to control. They can infest premises quickly. They are often found in cracks and crevices, under bench tops, in and around electrical equipment and any areas where living conditions are favourable. These conditions generally extend from areas that are both warm and moist and where some form of food source is available.

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