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Sanitation is important in preventing infestations by ants. Inside the house, pet food bowls, dirty dishes, food crumbs on the floor, benches or tables can all attract ants. Outside the house, un-emptied rubbish bins, food and old drink cans also encourage ants. Keeping these areas clean will greatly reduce the chance of ants becoming a problem around the house. Placing pet food bowls in a tray of water may lessen the problem.

The most common species of ant in South Australia are:

  • The Black House Ant ( Iridomyrmex glaber) and White Footed House Ant ( Technomyrmex albipes) are small black ants 2.5-3mm long. They nest in rockeries, near or under paths, in wall cavities and in potted plants. They eat a variety of foods and are attracted to sweet substances. They give an annoying bite but do not sting.

  • Meat Ants ( Iridomyrex purpureus) are 12-14mm long and are red/purple and black. They like sunny areas and often build large gravelly mounds. They feed mainly on animal material, and honeydew. They can bite but do not sting and rarely enter houses.

  • Sugar or Carpenter Ants ( Camponotus species) are 5-15mm long, they have orange/brown bodies, black abdomens with an orange/brown band and black heads. They nest in decayed moist wood or sometimes in the soil. They feed on dead and live insects, honeydew, household waste and are attracted by sweet food. These ants do not sting and rarely enter houses.

  • Bull Ants ( Myrmecia species)have red bodies and black abdomens. They are about 20mm long. These ants can cause a painful sting. They rarely enter houses and are usually found in the garden or bushland areas.