Pest control and your new home

If you are about to build a new home you will realise that there are a million and one tasks that you need to take care of, from the all important, like getting a good builder, to the aesthetic, like choosing new finishes.

Making sure you do everything in the right sequence is vital when building, there are critical periods for most tasks, vital timings that need to be meet. Take pest control initiatives, these should be dealt with from the outset during the design phase.

That is because there are a number of fantastic pest prevention measures that can be built into your home, from physical and chemical barriers that prevent termite infestations through to fine grills that can be placed during the build to stop rodents from gaining access. There are a number of simple measures you can take during the build to reduce the chances of various pest infestations occurring.

These features are easy to put in during the build but incredibly difficult to retrofit once the house is finish which is why it is so important to think about the different pest control measures before you start building.

Give the team at BugBoyz a call, they have the experience and knowhow to ensure that your home is well protected from pests.

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