Termite Management System

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Termite Management System

New homes and additions

Building a new home? You are in the fortunate position to be able to make your own decision on what type of termite barrier you wish to have installed in your new home.

Prevention is cheaper than the cure.

BUG BOYZ aim is to protect your home from termites in the most effective and environmentally friendly way during construction of your new home or renovation.

Your new home is protected by a proactive physical barrier system that blocks, repels and kills termites, backed by a 25 year million dollar warranty.


  • Environmentally Friendly (HIA Greensmart Member)
  • APVMA Registered (Australian Pesticide Vetinary Medicine Authority)
  • CodeMark Accredited.
  • 25 year million dollar warranty.
  • 50 year product design life.
  • Designed as a tough and flexible barrier, it will not split or tear, is non-Corrosive and is designed to last the life of the building.
  • Physically protects the structure from Subterranean Termite attack (Kills Termites on contact, repels Termites away from the barrier).
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia from local and imported materials.
  • The only physical barrier which contains a Registered Termiticide (Bi-Flex)
  • Doesn’t hold up construction.

So what do you choose?

Some termite barriers such as the traditional chemical treatments are at first inexpensive but have long term and expensive retreatment requirements. Other barriers suffer from corrosive problems and are expensive at the outset, often offering little or no benefit over the chemical treatments.

Bug Boyz Pest Control provide HomeGuard precision termite management system. Under the Australian Standard AS3660.1 Termite Management Part 1: New Building Work HomeGuard is classified as a chemical termite barrier in a non-soil matrix combining the attributes of both chemical and physical Termite management Systems while meeting the ‘Performance Appraisal’ requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

About Homeguard

HomeGuard is an innovative-patented Precision Termite Management System that has been developed by FMC Australasia Pty Ltd – a company with a proud reputation for providing reliable Termite Management Solutions to the Australian Pest Management industry, for over 10 years. Under the Australian Standard AS3660.1 Termite Management Part 1: New building work

HomeGuard is the first and only chemical barrier in a non-soil matrix product ever registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

HomeGuard is the first and only single sheet termite moisture barrier containing an Australian registered termiticide in a polymer matrix.

HomeGuard is a single sheet with the active ingredient evenly distributed throughout the matrix.

HomeGuard acts as a waterproof membrane, a DPC and an effective Termite Management tool all in one.

The termite barrier that not only meets the Australian Standards and national building requirements but also provides the ultimate in termite protection at very reasonable costs.

Please contact one of our friendly staff for a no obligation quote on protecting your new home from termites.

Remember, the decision you make today on your termite barrier is the one that remains with you for the life of your home. Don’t waste this opportunity to select the correct barrier that suits you.

Why is homeguard unique?

HomeGuard provides a unique 3-way action to ensure protection of the structure.

  • Repelling termites away from the barrier
  • Killing termites upon contact
  • Acting as a physical vapour barrier and damp proofing membrane
  • HomeGuard – encompasses the combined strengths of both physical and chemical barriers to deliver triple action termite management. Unlike common physical termite barriers that are a passive system, HomeGuard is a pro-active termite management system, effectively killing termites on contact and repelling attacking termites.
  • HomeGuard – is user friendly and can be installed in wet weather, it will not delaminate or cut like some physical barriers and being non-scheduled and non-sensitizing is unlikely to cause installer or builder discomfort. Designed as a tough and flexible barrier, it will not delaminate, split or tear, is noncorrosive and is designed to last the life of the building.
  • HomeGuard – is the first and only single sheet physical termite moisture barrier containing an Australian registered termiticide.
  • HomeGuard – is environmentally friendly and incorporates the benefits of a chemical barrier with those of the physical barriers. Installed only to areas of the building that requires termite protection. HomeGuard will not leach or diffuse, effectively locking in the active ingredient to enhance its efficacy, longevity while remaining environmentally friendly and safe to the homeowner.
  • HomeGuard – suits a multitude of building construction situations.
  • HomeGuard – saves you money because HomeGuard TMB 0.2mm sheet complies with the Australian Standard AS2870, as a high impact, moisture barrier. HomeGuard DPC 0.5mm sheet meets the Australian Building Codes Board requirements for a perimeter cavity DPC, with slabs installed in accordance with AS 2870; HomeGuard collars meet the Australian Standards for the protection of service penetrations.
  • HomeGuard – is backed with a 25 year million dollar Limited and conditional Product Warranty when installed by a HomeGuard Accredited Installer, in accordance with the product label, and the installation guide.
  • HomeGuard – is non-evasive. Installed during the pre-construction phase of a home, the materials in HomeGuard are designed to last the life of the building. There is a need for, at least, one annual timber pest inspection (more often in High Termite pressure areas) to ensure that the barrier has not been tampered with or breached.

HomeGuard is a pro-active physical barrier system. It actively stops termites entering the structure via concealed access, by repelling them away from the site or by killing them if they come in contact the barrier. HomeGuard does more than a normal physical termite barrier.

HomeGuard® should only be installed by a HomeGuard Accredited Installer.

Phone 08 7123 0840 for information on HomeGuard Installation.

HomeGuard Warranty also applies to Partial Barrier Systems. HomeGuard products can be installed at the perimeter of an addition or renovation to a Building, including at construction joints and slab penetrations; and subject to a preinstallation termite inspection of the property to AS3660.1 (new building work) and AS 4349.3 (existing Building).

FMC Australasia Pty Ltd warrants that the HomeGuard shall restrict entry of Termites into the Building at those parts of the building where a Partial Barrier System has been properly installed using HomeGuard products, for the Warranty Period. This Warranty applies to an installation where HomeGuard Collars are properly installed in conjunction with a fully exposed slab edge. This Warranty is only applicable to areas of a Building that have had HomeGuard product properly installed. For futher information about Partial Barrier Systems please contact the team at Bug Boyz.