How can I stop birds nesting in my trees?

We have amazing birds here in Australia but while they can make a beautiful view from your window having them nesting in your trees can turn from something picturesque into a nightmare, especially if it is breeding season.

The team at BugBoyz are the experts at stopping birds from nesting as well as removing any nesting birds but there are a few things you can do yourself to help stop birds nesting. Here are our top tips:

Get rid of any potential food sources. One of the reasons they will nest in your garden is because you have food they like nearby. Obviously you don’t want to pull up anything you like but if there is a food source that you can get rid of, do it.

You can place streamers or nets in your trees so that they can’t nest in there, place nets over the smaller trees before spring and you should be able to avoid getting any new nests.

You can frighten them by placing some kind of scare crow in the trees or garden. Alternatively you could use loud noises to scare them away.

Taking the noise approach one step further, if you want to get scientific you can find out what the bird’s predators are and play a recording of it, this may seem a bit crazy but it can

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