Building Inspection

Don’t buy termites or any unnecessary major structural defects

Bug Boyz Pest Control  are committed to delivering a full comprehensive Building inspection and report with photos for reassurance when buying a property. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We offer a prompt and reliable service and can organize your inspection at short notice if you are in a cooling off period. Discounts to you when Bug Boyz carry out both Building and Pest inspections on a property that you are potentially buying.

We believe that all homes would benefit from a thorough Building and Pest inspection to determine if any potentially costly problems.


We often talk to people that went ahead and bought a house at auction without a building and pest inspection and now are stuck with a lemon which might cost many tens of thousands of dollars to fix, just because they did not want to spend a few hundred dollars on an inspection on a house they might not win? When you think about it, even if you get 4 or 5 houses inspected and don’t win them at auction when you do eventually get one you will be far better off  because you will know what needs fixing to keep it ship shape! Maybe this is why so many older homes are put up at auction in Adelaide because the agents know that most people don’t want to spend their money on a building / pest inspection pre auction and the vendor’s well hidden faults and defects can remain unseen until settlement day when it’s too late!


Another commonly heard mistake from gullible home buyers is “ My mate is an electrician and he had a look for me at an open inspection” he might have spent a lot of time on buildings sites and have a  fair idea about building or renovating  homes  but at an open inspection you can’t go up in the roof space or on the roof or under the floor and where we do find a lot of  issues is dampness and leakages  within the walls that is only detectable with an expensive non destructive moisture meter which all of our inspectors use. He will only see what the vendor wants him to see!! (Real estate agents are more than happy if that’s your building inspection!)


There are several prominent inspection companies we keep hearing about all of the time from dissatisfied clients claiming that they spent  less than an hour doing a building and pest inspection on a house and they missed a lot of important defects that the client has found once they have moved in (not to mention they are not qualified pest controllers and then are not licensed or insured to do pest inspections!), We have found that these companies are the ones that get the majority of work in Adelaide from referrals from Real estate agents because the agent knows they will be fast and probably won’t find much wrong with the place hence the continual referrals from the agents. We don’t hide things from our clients to satisfy agents to get more work; we rely on a quality reporting and customer satisfaction. If an agent recommends us to a buyer they can be assured they are recommending a hard working honest inspector who will try to find any defects but also help the potential buyer resolve the issues once they move in so that all parties are satisfied.

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