Are spiders attracted to my home?

Australia is well known throughout the world for its deadly animals. It is one of the first things a foreigner will mention, which is hardly surprising, we have some of the most deadly creatures in the world here. Some of the most deadly are spiders, and unlike other animals on the list such as jellyfish, you will find deadly spiders in your home.  What attracts spiders to your house? In general it is food and safety, but for each species there are different attractions that bring them into contact with people.

The funnel web loves water and they are often found near or in swimming pools or other open pools of water in or around homes.

Red backs like dark and messy spaces such as rubbish piles, wood piles, building sites and other urban situation.

Black house spiders, who feed on flies, are attracted to gaps and spaces where they can set up their webs.

The huntsman spider is generally attracted to small spaces where they can hide and can often be found in the cracks in floors, or hidden in the visor in cars and in shoes.

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