5 things you misunderstand about the cockroach

The cockroach is a creature that is surrounded in myths and rumours, it has a reputation that goes beyond most other animals. Here are 5 things you probably misunderstand about the cockroach:

  1. Cockroaches do not  infest only dirty homes. This myth has been around for a long time and shows no sign of disappearing. Cockroaches will  infest any home they can, they are just more obvious in dirty homes as there is more food around.
  2. They are not more tolerant to radiation than other insects. Despite the rumours that the cockroach will be the only animal to survive nuclear Armageddon, they are no more resistant than other insects.
  3. Cockroaches are not dirty creatures, they are actually fastidious about their own hygiene and spend many hours cleaning themselves. In fact, if a cockroach is touched by a human they will obsessively clean themselves.
  4. There are no albino cockroaches, if you spot a white one then it is in the process of moulting. It sheds its old skin and a new one grows.
  5. Cockroaches are not scared of light. They do run when lights are turned on but this is simply a safety mechanism to changing environment, they are not actually scared of light at all.

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