3 signs of a termite infestation

Termites, even the word should send dread through you. These pests cost our country millions of dollars each and every year. The worst thing is that almost no insurance policy covers termite damage, meaning that the building owner has to bear all the costs themselves.

That is why it is vital that homeowners have protective measures in place. However, as no measure is one hundred perfect effective, it is also important to know what the signs of an infestation are, though these can be hard to spot. Here are the three key signs:

  1. Mud tunnels leading from the ground up your foundations or piles and into the building. Termites build these to transport them from their underground nests to their food source and if you spot mud tunnels you have an infestation.
  2. Discarded wings in or near your home in spring and summer. Termites send wing scouts out to find a new site for a colony, they discard the wings when they have found a good site. If you find these wings chances are you have a new infestation.
  3. A crackling or popping noise. Though quiet termites do make a sound, which is characterised as a popping or crackling noise. If you hear this when it is silent then it could be termites.

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